Exhibitor Highlights

Show Highlights

The Northern BC Healthy Living Expo features over 40 vendors with professional products and services well reputed in the health and wellness industry, and, all located within the Northern region of the province.

This event is for people in the region, who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle, want to explore what is involved in reaching a level of personal wellness. If your company provides a product or service that helps the attendee in that quest then this is the perfect event for you.

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Exhibitor Benefits

There are many reasons to choose The Northern Living Expo.


Starting at $300 for a 10’x6’ booth, with full draping, you get amazing value. Compared to other shows in the region, this is a FANTASTIC VALUE located in a brand new facility. To book a table.

Extensive Advertising

Advertising will span all mediums; TV, Newspaper, Radio, and will have a strong online and social media presence. Show organizers will also be doing short interviews/commercials with vendors, highlighting what products and service are being offered.

Exhibitor Profiles

We offer an exhibitor profile, along with links back to your website……TO SHOWCASES your company, photos, and links. Your exhibitor profile allows you to stay in touch with the guests and will provide an opportunity for them to reach out to you, even after the show is over.

Pre and Post-Show Exposure

Exhibitors are promoted on our event website and social media. We want you to be able to help us build guest excitement before the event, and provide marketing opportunities for you afterwards.

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