Pillars of Wellness

Focusing on the Pillars of Wellness, the Northern British Columbia Healthy Living Expo is your place to become inspired. The show has a variety of exhibits that will assist you in making any necessary changes that you deem are required to improve your overall wellness, state of being and even your pet’s wellness. It is our goal to bring to you the opportunity to learn about the newest research, to incorporate the most natural products that meet your expectations and regime. It’s all about helping you take what you do and make it work just a little better for you! From Active Kids to Pet Wellness and Healthy Homes….the Northern British Columbia Healthy Living Expo is the culmination of the best of the best of what is available in Northern BC.



  Promoting family and individual, social support and cohesion.


Focusing on physical vitality and active lifestyle practices for kids to 55+.


Understanding the importance of how our living conditions effect our ability to function effectively within society.

Medical / Dental:

Promoting screening and prevention, and the newest and greatest to improve your general health.


From healthy weight to understanding how your food choices effect your personal health, to organics, to micro and macro nutrients.


Facing core values, identity and purpose and learning to answer the questions that lead you to your highest calling.

Mental / Emotional:

Reflecting on thoughts and actions that have positive and negative effects on your life.


Encompassing planning, saving and general financial management. Occupational: Activities of interest or social value in which we engage


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