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Carol Surbey moved to Prince George from the Lower Mainland in 2017 and is currently running the Omineca Healing Institute,, and is known as the “Prince George Wedding Officiant”.

Carol is a Spiritualist Minister, registered with the CIMM, a Hypnotherapist, registered with the American Hypnotherapy Association, an NLP Practioner, Time Line Therapist® along with being an experienced Energy Healer focusing mainly in Somatic Therapies and relief from PTSD. She has the tools to break through the existing neuropathways that are keeping you like a hamster on a wheel,  doing the same thing over and over....not being able to stop.

She works with her clients to create new behaviors with new neuropathways....and provide the tools to fortify the new teachings....all of which will empower you have the life you seek!

Laurie Niedermayer owns and operates of Triquetra Therapeutic Services. As a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Equine Facilitated Wellness Practitioner, Reiki and Somatic Stress Release Facilitator and Lifestyle Coach, she brings a lifetime of experience and empathy to her work. Laurie’s compassion, intuition and own personal experience of reclaiming her health have given her a unique and deeply intuitive perspective in her approach to working with others. With over 20 years experience, determination & drive Laurie is passionate about helping her clients restore their lives to full health. Individual sessions or group and team building workshops are offered at her downtown Prince George office or on her ranch in Salmon Valley. Her practice encompasses working with individuals who are suffering chronic pain, anxiety, depression. Laurie has developed specialized programs for women, First Responders and others who live with PTSD.

Rachelle Delorey is the owner and operator of Perpetual Transformation of the Body, Mind and Soul.

I am a certified Health Coach with IIN (Institute Integrative Nutrition), Reiki Grand Master Teacher and Practitioner,Certified in Both Emotion Code and the Body Code, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,The Black Pearl, CCMBA and many more trainings.  Included as part of the menu I offer is:  Do-Terra Essential Oils, USANA Health Science, Kangen Water Machines and Healing with stones.

My whole lifetime using my compassion,  intuition and trainings I chose to  walk by their side on their journey to spirituality or to health to empower clients. And giving them the tools and encourage them to what they want to achieve.

My studio is located in my home, where I offer many trainings, and Energy work.  Whatever is going on in your life or body or health give me a call to schedule.

Your complimentary appointment so I can figure out how I can best help you.

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